19 blog ideas that didn’t make it in 2020

Ibiza uncovered; more money, more problems
Stories; perspective and fear
Narrative and conditioning; how to communicate beyond story
Boundaries and agreements
Energetic threads; how to be independent
Breathwork; free yourself
Hpoponopono; letting go, forgiveness and reconciliation
Power, control and silence
The furnace; how to relate in a sacred relationship (safety, honesty, communication)
Inertia; the agony of indecision and the ecstasy of action
Fuck being nice
Plant medicine for beginners
How to find the perfect shaman LOL
How to move with ease and grace
The benefits of osteopathy
Things to know about working for privileged rich people
You are tantra
Police and thieves; the hired thugs of the Civil Guardia

If any of these resonate, email by reply and I’ll write the most popular.

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