5x More Wild

As a self proclaimed slacker I found this piece of advice both valuable and validating. I’ve often grappled with the desire to write more often but made excuses such as being a dancer and a dreamer. The idea is to write more often but less quantity. Maybe I’ll take the hint and commit to more regular posts here.

Happily, this piece about rewilding our attention, confirmed the benefits of having a wide ranging interest in ephemera and tenuous links that lead down rabbit holes. I whole-heartedly endorse seeking out the rare and unusual niches. These are the nooks and crannies that make a forest so inviting. They’re the interesting bits.

Tom Ravenscroft once said of his father, the legendary DJ and broadcaster, John Peel, that he was the perfect dinner party guest because he could speak about almost any topic for 15 minutes. John Peel was also a champion of the eclectic and innovative. His love of The Fall being a classic example.

In the spirit of rewilding, I wrote this piece about my own process to decompress after many years living the big city life. After five years of dancing to my own tune, I’ve found peace of mind in my way of being and how I choose to invest my time and attention.

So, the gist of this riff is to forget the ‘status game’ and to follow your bliss. Seek out the weird and off beat things that really turn you on because that’s where real connection lies. I’ve been experimenting with it for a few years now and these blogs were a perfectly timed reminder to keep pushin’ on.

The other half of this equation is to share the content that you love. Add a link, write a newsletter, share a social post, tell a friend, whatever fits with you. That’s what keeps the resonance alive and helps creators like me keep riffing with new ideas and to keep doing the work that I do.