A day out of time

Yesterday, I went to a secluded beach in southern Maharashtra to connect with nature. February the 29th is a four yearly occurrence that helps align the Gregorian calendar with the seasons. It’s an ‘extra’ day of the year I felt best commited to leisure time.

Farmers need a clue as to when best to sow new crops. The calendar provides it. Timings matter when it comes to the seasonal growing of things.

The Church has it own necessity to manage time to correlate holy days. But for the rest of life, time isn’t important. It only serves to sever us from the present moment.

The fact that the best mathematics and science can do to calculate annual time is off by this margin suggests that natural law is the champion. It’s more important to follow the cycle of the seasons – to flow with nature.

Calendars and clock time are just a concept to help navigate the modern world. Leap years are a fudge to make the calendar synchronise with the season. Follow the cycle of nature: stay present in every moment.