A glimpse of the future

For many years I’ve had a couple of my parents friends claim that there would be a huge economic crash. They couldn’t say exactly when nor could they explain the implications of it but they were certain it would come – “it’s going to go bang”.

Well, here we are, 2020, a dozen years of austerity since the financial crash of 2008 and 19 years since the War on Terror began. And guess what, we’re starting a new war – the War on Death.

Like the War on Terror, the War on Death has inverse consequences. The citizens of the world have had their personal freedoms and civil liberties removed overnight in the name of public health. We’re all on lockdown because there’s a strong flu doing the rounds.

The fearful prophecy of my folks and their pals has landed. It has gone bang, but it’s not just an economic crisis, it’s an attack on life as we know it and the outcome could be as dystopian and totalitarian as it is surreal and unbelievable.

It is rare indeed that I agree with an article in the Daily Mail but Peter Hitchens is right on the money, here.