A lockdown adventure

There are many ways to manufacture adventure at this time of mandatory confinement. Yesterday, we moved house. All the way around the corner.

The one thing about lockdown is that I’m missing my bicycle. I really want to get out in the forest with my bike. Under normal circumstances I’d be planning a summer trip somewhere…

This story has absolutely made my day. The journey of a migrant worker that cycled 1,700km in a week to reach home. A beautiful tale of daring, courage and determination. Chapeau.

“Even if I had to walk with the cycle, I would walk with it, but I was certain that I wouldn’t let it go. If trains restarted, I would take the cycle on the train. If buses restarted, I would put it on the bus. I had a fear that anything could be stopped any time, and in that fear, my one hope was my cycle.”