A Pioneer In Lifestyle Design

I’ve been a fan of Tim Ferriss for many years. Ever since I launched my first business, way back in 2008, I’ve followed the principles of the New York Times bestselling 4-Hour Work Week*.

As an advocate of lifestyle design, I’ve found the process both liberating and energizing. Creating the life I want to live, on terms of my own making, has been one of the most rewarding experiences I could have imagined.

The following principles are the basic outline of the 4HWW concept:

  • Focus on the important
  • Reduce inputs
  • Batch similar tasks
  • Manage expectations of others
  • Outsource anything that can be done for less than your hourly rate

Time, income and mobility are the three currencies that facilitate this shift.

Part of my transformation involved cycling halfway around the planet. An important aspect of giving up my old life involved giving up plenty of material possessions and the bike trip helped align my mindset to living with less. Once I’d accomplished that, I set about creating a solid foundation for a location independent lifestyle.

Since the pandemic has hastened the shift to work from home and emphasized the benefits to a vast portion of the workforce it’s a great time to revisit this idea. A sensible work-life balance has never been more relevant and attainable.

The crux of lifestyle design is about making smart decisions, deal making and negotiation. Level up these skills to step into a time rich reality that nourishes your soul.

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