A slight return

We’ve reached the tipping point. In the hero’s journey of Joseph Campbell fame, we’re about to cross the threshold. This is the part where we have a collective realisation, a moment of awakening, and return with the elixir.

The elixir in the case of our existence on the planet is a new way of being that speaks to solving the challenges our current way of life created – repairing and renewing ecology. The elixir is remembering how we were. The elixir in the myth of our times, is going home.

When I think about how we could live and what a paradise this life could be, I often default to a vision reminiscent of the Shire, the idyllic land of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, in Lord of the Rings.

It’s an outlook echoed in the retirement plans of baby boomers and the living world of farmers – a rural setting supporting a relaxed and bucolic way of life, where exchange of goods is the currency and each family grows their own. Like The Good Life but everyone does it, even Jerry and Margo.

For our own sakes we must reimagine our way of life. A life in harmony with nature. A life of purpose that is meaning-full and joyous.

Here’s a couple inspirations for this piece and to get you thinking about how we could live, how it could be; a musical remembrance and a fantastic article.