My Story

A maverick guide to mindfulness, meditation and the art of living.

Mindfulness is the foundation stone of the art of living in many traditions. Join me as I explore the tools, techniques and ways of being that transcend the daily grind and elevate the soul.

While traveling in India, I discovered Vipassana meditation. It’s a game changing meditation technique that some folks refer to as ‘Meditation Prison’. Essentially, it’s a straight edge meditation practice that cuts through the bonds of conditioning to reveal personal insight. This is one of many mindfulness techniques that I’ve integrated into my daily life. I’ll share the best of the rest in the pages of this blog.

In 2015, I set out to cycle around the world. That journey was emblematic of my approach to life. I’d made the decision, taken the steps to make it possible, then hit the road. Low key, no fuss. Just me, out there, in the world.

Meditation by bike is an idea I explore in this piece for Toms Bike Trip. I explain how I discovered Vipassana meditation in this article on Medium. These two stories make the connection of bike and body, mindfulness and matter. The long-distance bicycle adventure and the discovery of Vipassana are inseparable. They are the cornerstone in my personal transformation.

Since then, the mindfulness tools I’ve found along the way form part of an art of living technique that blends a selection of mindfulness practices into a holistic approach to modern life. I live as an expat in sleepy, rural, north Goa. It’s a bubbling hotchpotch of cultural and spiritual influences. It’s quite bonkers, but I love it.

I’ve written a maverick guide to mindfulness which you can download here for free. It’s a short art of living manifesto by me, the Mindful Blogger.

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