My Story

During the past two decades I’ve done a bunch of things. I’ve had a successful career in Sales and Marketing, helping Tech startups through launch to profitability. As a side hustle I set up a popular regional travel blog which I’ve grown from scratch to 1m visitors a year. More recently, I cycled half way round the world for kicks and documented the journey on a project subtly titled, Really Big Bike Ride.

These are some of the landmark experiences that have contributed to the perspective of the man that writes these words today. It is from these milestones that moments of insight and reflection come to me now as I launch the Mindful Blogger project. The learnings of the past twenty years are the foundation on which I draw to create the content for this blog.

As I enter a new phase of personal development and transformational growth I wanted a platform to share my journey and invite readers to join me on a journey into consciousness.