Are you curious?

Do you take everything the media says to be true? Are you clapping on your doorstep on Thursday evening? Have you stopped for a second to ask what the fuck is going on?

As an expat living in India hearing news of how the UK is handling the covid crisis is disconcerting. The story unfolds to new levels of calamity by the day. It looks like a pantomime.

I’ve been berated and called out for some of the ideas I’ve shared on this blog or social media during the last six weeks. I’m ok with that. Some folks are attached to narrative pretty strongly. That’s up to them.

Up until recently I didn’t feel the call to share overtly politicised views. It felt a bit much for an art of living blog. But, we live in unprecedented times, so fuck it.

If you’re interested:

  • I do not believe that Covid-19 is as dangerous nor deadly as we have been led to fear
  • I feel that the UK government are an embarrassment. They are doing a very poor job of running the country.
  • I do not believe the media hype. The level of manipulation that is being played out is sickening. It would make Joseph Goebbels blush.

Consequences of the sideshow:

  • Vast wealth will be transferred to global corporations in the form of bailouts
  • The NHS will be dismantled and privatised
  • The taxpayer will pick up the bill for the covid-induced debt

Caitlin Johnson talks in her blog about how to navigate internet censorship, ego death and to let go of attachments to narrative. If you’re still getting triggered by the nonsense pouring out of mainstream media outlets, it’s well worth a read.

I feel fortune to have an active and enquiring mind. I openly challenge the status quo. I’m curious. Are you?


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