Assassination, Exploitation and Violence

Awareness can lead to seeing things that are pretty ugly

Last week, my partner and I were discussing the relative merits of full time employment. I’m a free lance*. Though, I have in recent months considered revisiting a more conventional 9 – 5 contracted occupation for a variety of reasons.

A large part of our conversation related to exploitation, something that Charlie has been banging on about for some time. Questions like ‘are you being exploited?’ and in reverse as a business owner ‘are you exploiting people or planet?’.

Then, as often is the case with these synchronistic things, three of my regular newsletters landed and expanded on the topic.

First up, was a Charles Eisenstein essay about the America that almost was, a deep dive into the tipping point of mistrust in government.

Secondly, a Russell Brand video about why millions of workers are quitting their jobs.

And finally, a Caitlin Johnstone riff about why capitalism is violence.

The underlying message here as I understand it is that regular folks are coming into a higher state of awareness. They may not know it yet but an internal revolution is taking place. Recognising the external systems and structures that are at work on society at large is a first step in the direction of real change.

And that is a reason for hope.

I came full circle with my job hunting expedition. There are a couple of full-time opportunities that I would consider that meet my criteria as positive, progressive, value-based ways to invest my time here on Earth.

But mostly, I’m happy operating under my own steam, choosing my collaborations carefully and committing to projects that I believe in.

If you’re looking for content for your blog or advice on your SEO strategy or would like to discuss another marketing project for your brand or business, I’d love to chat. Maybe we could change the world together?

*I prefer the Alan Watts inspired etymology derived from the days of mercenary Knights who were not under oath to a King.