The 5 Best Incense Sticks For Meditation

My 5 favourite incense sticks for meditation to create a sacred space in your home

I’ve chosen the 5 best incense sticks on Amazon and beyond to help boost your meditation practice, elevate your mood and create sacred space in your home.

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My top 5 incense sticks for meditation:

Natural sandalwood*

Satya Nag Champa*

Vanilla incense cone*

HEM bulk bundle*

Milo’s Temple pick and mix

satya incense stick bundle

The ancient benefits of incense sticks

Our olfactory system is strongly linked to our limbic system. Limbic resonance is the physical response to memories and emotions. That’s why certain smells will transport us back to a deep memory of a specific place and time, for example.

Incense has been used for centuries in many traditions across the world. Traditionally, the burning of special plants and trees is a key ceremonial aspect of indigenous culture and custom.

Palo santo*, sandalwood and sage are popular in different tribal regions for various rituals. Fruits, herbs, barks, woods, roots and seeds are rich in essential oils. These natural fragrances are burned to consecrate sacred space, celebrate the dead and stimulate spiritual awakening.palo santo smudging kit

Cleansing essential oils

The essential oils we find in these natural elements are widely used in aromatherapy. This holistic practice strengthens physical, spiritual and psychological well-being.

Buring incense sticks is a popular way to support the ancient practices of yoga, meditation and breathwork. I burn incense to purify the air, cleanse the energetic space and create calm vibes. A relaxed environment ahead of my personal practice means a lot to me. I also burn incense any time of day to lift my mood.

Here’s my 5 best incense sticks for meditation

This shortlist of incense sticks for meditation is based on my personal preferences. I’ve tried and tested dozens of brands to find the best incense stick fragrances and flavours.

natural incense sticks for meditation

Best incense sticks fragrances for meditation

There is a wide variety of incense sticks fragrances to choose from. In my opinion, some incense stick flavours are more suitable for meditation than others. Popular fragrances for meditation incense sticks include sandalwood, vanilla and natural flavour.

Natural sandalwood and bamboo wood incense stick holder

These highly rated 100% natural incense sticks come in vanilla, sandalwood and jasmine fragrances. Fortunately, this selection of incense sticks for meditation comes with a bamboo incense stick holder for ease of use.

Each pack contains 20 sticks and each one lasts for up to 35 minutes. I like to burn sandalwood incense sticks as part of my daily meditation practice.

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satya nag champa incense sticks

My personal favourite incense sticks

My own personal favourite incense sticks for meditation are Premium Satya Nag Champa Agarbatti. In my opinion, these high grade incense sticks are among the finest in the world. Ultimatlely Nag Champa is the first blend created by the Satya brand and remains one the most revered scents for meditation.

Best natural incense sticks in India

This is an excellent value bundle that comes with an incense stick holder to catch the ash. Each incense stick is hand-rolled in premium essential oils. As a result, the thickness of each stick varies a little. These are among the best natural incense sticks in India.

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vanilla incense stick vs cones

Best smelling incense sticks

Among the best smelling incense sticks for meditation is the vanilla fragrance. After all, I personally find vanilla to be a calming influence at any time of the day or night. I use vanilla smelling incense sticks when I want to relax after a busy day.

Incense sticks vs cones

However, I don’t always burn incense sticks. Someties I burn incense cones. There are a few small difference between incense sticks vs cones. Firstly, incense sticks are brittle and don’t travel well out of their packaging. For outdoor settings, such as pooja, I tend to take along an incense cone. Incense cones are handy but less readily available to buy in stores and there are fewer fragrances to choose from.

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HEM incense sticks for meditation

Best value pack of incense

I tend to burn a lot of incense sticks. There’s usually one lit throughout the day. Incense sticks are not only beneficial for meditation but they are also excellent mosquito repellents. My jungle home smells great and I don’t get bitten – circular karmic action.

Bulk buy for the best deal

I love getting the best deal when I buy bulk, for that reason, I recommend the 24 pack bundle of incense sticks. The HEM incense sticks variety pack comes in 24 fragrances. Each pack contains 20 individual incense sticks.

HEM incense sticks are made in India using ethically sourced ingredients. Happily, each incense stick is made from wood flour, resin and herbs then soaked with essential oils for an intense burst of flavour. HEM incense sticks burn for up to 30 minutes.

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milos temple incense sticks

Probably the best incense sticks in the world

Similarly, my good friend Craig R Ninjah of Milo’s Temple supplies a selection of Palo Santo, sage and arguably, the best incense sticks in India. These amazing incense sticks are hand rolled to burn smooth and clean.

You can find these awesome fragrances and epic incense sticks for meditation on Milo’s Temple Etsy page. Famously, Hollywood movie star, Johnny Depp uses these incense sticks. Consequently, Milo’s Temple are probably the best incense sticks in the world.

Milo’s Temple Incense Sticks

Milo’s Temple 5 pack incense stick pick and mix is my first choice for morning meditation. Moreover, this handy bundle of incense means I get to choose a packet of each of my favourite flavours.

I usually order: Magic Mango, Classic Sandalwood, Bodhichitta, Maha Milo Natural and Special Frankincense.

Therefore, these incense sticks are among the best I’ve used for meditation. I love to burn them anytime of day to create a sacred space.

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holy smoke eco incense sticks

Holy Smoke Eco Incense Sticks

Finally, my friends Deborah and Mira are a mother and daughter team from Australia. Together, their new business Holy Smoke Eco Incense is reimagining the incense industry. Eco incense is environmentally friendly and smells divine.

Incense sticks from a land down under

Above all, Holy Smoke Eco Incense is on a mission to restore the reverence to quality ingredients in making high grade meditation incense. Deb and Mira believe that the humble incense stick serves an essential function in any mindfulness practice. Which is why I love Holy Smoke Eco Incense.

Browse Holy Smoke Eco Incense website