My Daily Calisthenics Workout For All Round Strength

This simple calisthenics beginner workout will help you break a sweat and build strength

When I discovered this calisthenics workout, I knew it was for me.

I’d read Mr Nice where Howard Marks recounts using calisthenics workouts to stay in shape in prison.

A few weeks later, I met Pierrick, aka Mr Banana, in Goa and he recommended the video I share in this post.

I love to train. So this simple calisthenics beginner workout HIIT the spot 😉

Using the body for at least a couple hours of activity each day is non-negotiable part of my routine.

Breaking a sweat each day is as essential for the body as gravity is to Earth. Things would get out of shape pretty quickly without it!

pistol is a classic calisthenics exercise

Calisthenics and HIIT for a Mindful Fitness Journey

My own personal fix these days is a simple calisthenics workout.

Just 16 exercises geared for core strength, mobility and flexibility.

I do this daily eight-minute workout either in my home or at the gym with a few friends.

A Maverick Approach to Fitness

In the fast-paced rhythm of modern life, finding an hour to train may feel like a stretch.

But it’s easy once you make it a priority and build it in to your day.

Let’s deep dive into calisthenics and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

In my experience, this simple calisthenics workout can support the harmonious integration of body, mind, and soul.

squat is an essential calisthenics workout for beginners

Calisthenics is a Dance of Strength and Grace

Picture a serene park where individuals gracefully flow through bodyweight movements.

Simple exercises—push-ups, pull-ups, planks—engaging in a captivating dance with gravity itself.

This art form melds strength, flexibility, and control into seamless sequences.

Beyond sculpting a chiseled physique, calisthenics embodies the maverick spirit of mindful fitness.

Calisthenics requires no expensive equipment, relying solely on your body and the environment around you.

This simple way fosters a profound connection with your physicality, each movement becoming a meditative journey.

It reminds us that our bodies are vessels of immense potential.

Capable of extraordinary feats through patience, practice, and perseverance.

calisthenics workouts with friends are fun

Following a Simple Calisthenics Diet

To maximize the benefits of training, fueling your body with a balanced calisthenics diet is crucial.

I tend to follow a 16 – 18 hour intermittent fasting protocol.

My energy levels are highest in the morning so this is when I train.

Typically, in the hours leading up to lunchtime, I’ll take a coffee, a cold press juice, and a high-protein smoothie.

My evening meal will be something simple with lots of colourful salad and lentils. Sometimes I eat meat.

elevated side plank works abs strong

Sculpting Calisthenics Abs

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), requires bursts of intense effort alternated with brief recovery intervals.

For those seeking to sculpt their calisthenics abs, HIIT offers an effective route.

HIIT sparks a metabolic blaze, burning calories and boosting cardiovascular fitness.

During a HIIT session, you’re fully focussed on each explosive movement, anchoring your consciousness in the present.

Ideally, as you push your boundaries, your breath syncs with your effort, creating a unity between body and mind.

The concise, intense intervals of calisthenics abs exercises are a rapid way to build definition.

resistance bands are a useful investment for calisthenics workouts

Calisthenics Resistance Bands

Incorporating calisthenics resistance bands into your routine can add a new dimension to your workouts.

These versatile tools provide both assistance and resistance, allowing you to customize the intensity of your exercises.

Calisthenics resistance bands complement bodyweight movements.

They enhance your progress and offer access to more advanced exercises.

calisthenics workouts are so simple they can be done in the street

Calisthenics Training vs Cardio Exercise

In the past, I did a whole lot of cardio. I cycled to work daily with a mile count pushing north of 200 per week.

Swimming is still a regular fixture – two-three times per week but in the ocean rather than the pool.

Yoga I use for stretching to warm up and cool down.

Three times per week, I’ll go to the gym to lift weights. The point is this – there is something for everyone.

Find your thing and do it daily.

handstand is an advanced calisthenics workout

Do I Need A Personal Trainer for Calisthenics Exercises?

A personal trainer is not essential but they will steer you in the right direction.

Progress in your training will be improved faster by a dedicated calisthenics personal trainer.

When I worked with a PT, the expert guidance ensured my workouts were tailored to my fitness level and goals.

A calisthenics personal trainer serves as a mentor and guide to support your fitness goals.

Helpful insights, encouragement and accountability are the standard of a good PT.

calisthenics ab exercises are super effective

My Daily Calisthenics Workout for Beginners

Calisthenics is simple body weight exercises. Press ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, etc these are the basic exercises for functional fitness.

My own routine is based on 8 minutes of heaven, a circus training workout that my clown friend Pierrick swears by.

16 exercises for 30 seconds each. No breaks. Just breathe through the resistance.

A Maverick Fitness Routine

Calisthenics and HIIT are more than physical workouts.

Done with intention, they support the inner journey of mindful living.

The maverick approach turns each session into a meditation in motion.

With every pull-up or burpee, I’m not only cultivating physical prowess but also nurturing mental resolve.

Calisthenics nurtures grace, control, and body awareness, while HIIT kindles the fire of determination and focus.

Together, they forge a holistic fitness regimen that nurtures both body and spirit.

pilates stretches are similar to calisthenics workout

Why Choose Calisthenics and HIIT?

Amidst the hustle, these practices invite us to decelerate and attune to our bodies.

They encourage us to discover joy in movement, honour progress, and embrace the power of persistence.

It’s quick, effective and you can do it at home without expensive equipment.

What’s not to love?

plank is a core calisthenics workout

Calisthenics For Life

Remember that your calisthenics journey extends beyond physical transformation.

This workout nurtures mental and spiritual well-being.

With every leap, every extension, and every breath, you’re crafting a narrative of strength, resilience, and mindfulness.

Discover joy in movement, draw inspiration from challenges, and embrace the process.

Let calisthenics and HIIT be conduits for self-discovery.