The last few years I’ve been experimenting with CBD oil. I’m writing this under the influence of a particularly beautiful batch. My friend Sam administered three drops of his current supply and it’s juicy stuff.

In my experience there are many ways it can go; full power high, energised with focus, super relaxed and sleepy – these are just some of the states of being. There can be heightened awareness, greater clarity, inspired creativity and efficient productivity that transcends the bounds of clock time.

I guess some would call it a flow state.

I find that, with the correct dosage, the tendency is to sink into a clear headed state that strips away the noise of daily life. I’m naturally to steered towards the one thing that matters. An activity becomes pure pleasure; riding my Enfield home just now felt like I was the bike, so fluid was the connection between man and machine; writing this post feels like its the most natural thing in the world.

Anecdotally, there are many stories of how CBD has helped solve and soothe ailments and conditions of all varieties. Epilepsy in particular is eased a great deal through the use of high grade product.

Common benefits include pain relief, alleviates cancer treatment symptoms, reduced anxiety and depression and may even benefit heart health and boost brain functioning.

It often suppresses my appetite and lessens cravings for sugary treats and occasionally I’ll even get the giggles and dance around my room listening to music. I’m a big fan.