Crossing the Rubicon

As a creator of stuff and things, at some point, we have to ship. We may have the best idea on the block, but without the final act of sharing our work with the world, it’s an idea only you know about. Putting work out into the world may seem a big deal and feel intimidating but that’s just ego talking.

Sharing a creative endeavour means we care enough to create and that we’re mature enough to take the next steps; the market will either embrace or dismiss our work. We’re open to feedback and we learn to iterate through the next phase.

I went through a process of excuses and procrastination with this project for some months before I finally began. I started, fumbled at it for a few weeks, then gave up. It was a year later that I finally drew up the courage to have another attempt.

Crossing the Rubicon means there’s no going back. We’re committed to a course of action. And when it comes to ideas and creativity, that’s a good thing because we learn by doing.