Dear Gran

My nana passed away yesterday. She’d been experiencing the waking dream that is dementia for a while. I loved her very much; she was calm, kind and compassionate. Everything a grandmother can be to her grandchildren.

Dear Gran.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t visit more often.

Please forgive me.

Thank you for bacon, cheese and tomato grilled on a metal plate.
Thank you for damson jam made from the fruit tree in your garden.
Thank you for endless cups of tea and platefuls of biscuits.
Thank you for the love of books and reading.
Thank you for the love of travel and the stories of far away places.
Thank you for being patient, resilient and gentle.
Thank you for black and white films on Saturday afternoons.
Thank you for clipping my ear when I pushed my luck.
Thank you for your Irishness and the laughter.
Thank you for everything.

I love you.