Divisive doublespeak

Following on from yesterday’s invitation to be curious, here’s a nudge further along the path.

The UK government has made a vague, deliberately misleading announcement on easing lockdown. It’s a very dangerous plan. It’s putting profit before people and placing responsibility on you should you get sick.

The government are trying to shift the narrative to make you the problem. Just like the fancy letter sent out at the beginning of lockdown.

‘Stay alert’ places you in the hot seat.

A curious mind would ask why the government would take such devious action. Well, here’s why.

As the fear narrative weakens and the protect the NHS line wanes, the government will do anything it can to make itself look good. Even if that means playing dirty.

Stay alert

Don’t listen the media

Trust your intuition

Until we collectively wake up to our present reality, we’re vulnerable to divide and rule tactics. Expect more divisive doublespeak in the coming days. Challenge everything.

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