Ever Feel Like You’re Being Lied To?

One of the great blessings of living in India is how little I’m exposed to mainstream media. We don’t have a television set, I don’t understand Hindi yet and the ex-pat community are mostly preoccupied with the prospect of being asked to leave the country.

Mainstream media is a problem for democracy. Corporate interests have bought journalism wholesale and coopted it to manufacture consent for business as usual. COP26 has been trumpeted by Boris Johnson as the ‘last chance saloon’ for the climate crisis. MediaLens reported the summit as a ‘crime against humaity‘.

Billionaires continued their ‘philanthropy’ and ‘charitable work’ during the pandemic which paradoxically turned out to be the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Phil Knight of Nike cashed in. As did many other ultra-rich American’s. All at the expense of the tax paying public. Kind indeed.

While the media is controlled by corporate interests democracy will continue to be a failure. The news agenda is essentially a poorly disguised mind control machine designed to dupe the unsuspecting public that everything is just fine.