Expert fail

The data on which the UCL models for the lockdown were based have proven to be incorrect. Neil Ferguson’s estimates have been wildly inaccurate throughout his career. The lockdown may have been for entirely avoidable. An expert fail.

It would be difficult to surpass the Iraq blunder, but emerging evidence on COVID-19 suggests the experts—again: lawmakers, bureaucrats, and media—may have subjected us to a blunder of equally disastrous proportions.

Lawmakers, bureaucrats, and media have pushed an agenda of fear that has had a far greater cost than that of the virus. It’s a familiar pattern that has blighted the 20th century. It leads regular folks to feel baffled and afraid.

We’re more the victim of fear than the virus

Maybe it’s time we changed the system. On a personal level we can step into our personal power by engaging with a bit of sensemaking. The way we’ve done things so far have failed.