Five days later

Despite being in the final month of this blogging challenge I’ve begun to lose consistency. There’s a bunch of reasons for it that pertain to life happening. And so it goes.

This week I’ve been mostly focusing my attention on breathwork. I’m twenty days in to a forty day breath integration. I’ve begun facilitating one-to-one clients and I’ve also held two group sessions.

It feels pretty amazing to facilitate for others. Folks attending the sessions are experiencing transformation in their everyday being. It’s an amazing thing to see.

I feel blessed to be here in north Goa. This week I’ve done things that are beyond reach in many parts of the world at this time. I feel real gratitude for that. Thanks and praises for this beautiful reality.

On Thursday, for example, I held a group breathwork session for eight, attended a sunset Tai Chi class, had dinner on the beach with friends and went to a magical banya in the jungle.

Having chosen to remain here in India for lockdown and monsoon, I feel pleased with that choice. Often, when we embrace the unknown, the outcome is both surprising and delightful.