Forty four hours

In the two days since I last posted (the domain expired and I had to ask my trusty business partner to renew it). I did almost a two day juice fast.

I’m currently on a breathwork course to become a facilitator (of which more later), and the desire, and eating in my post cycling world is a desire, a strong craving, slowly dissipated.

I stepped into an intermittent fast during the week. Gradually, I found that my appetite naturally lessened. In it’s place, pure prana. By the end of the first week I was lighter in my being and felt the call to fast further.

It was easy breezy. Sugar cane, coconut water, orange juice, whatevs. I just went and did it. Basic protocol, big results.

First day back on the course and I’m feeling super energised. I spoke recently to the benefits of stripping back, and in the recent past about psychic liberation. With breath as the foundation I have a renewed vitality towards my core practices.

The subtle magic to the art of surrender is knowing what to remove in order to make space for the essential.