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In this cheeky article, I’m pitching you my free mindfulness guide.

It’s a practical guide to the art of living with an adventure travel twist.

If you love the outdoors and need a little break from the daily grind, you’re in the right place.

I was frazzled once. Some ways back, I worked a high-pressure job in a competitive industry.

Slogging long hours to earn a fat check, drive a fast car and party all night.

At the time, I figured I was the hot mix but it was just bonkers.

The whole damn thing.

unfrazzled sales guy

Something didn’t sit right for me. I felt an ache in my soul. There had to be more than this.

So I bounced. On the cusp of a major promotion, I quit my six-figure salary, sold my sports car and left town. On a bicycle.

I became a cycling monk. Like the ‘Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ except I had a bicycle.

The Cycling Monk

It’s easy to see now that I was burning out and headed for implosion.

That’s why I’ve written this mindfulness guide for the frazzled. To help folks just like me who know that there’s more to life than working 9 – 5.

“Mindfulness comes in many forms. There’s a practice for everyone.

My personal exploration into the field of conscious living has taken me a long way from home and back again.

The search for a balanced life, rich in experience, has delivered me halfway around the world by bicycle. I’ve put in the long hours of effort to reveal the deeper aspects of human nature and to liberate my psychic bonds to the material world.”

mindfulness by bike

8 Tools To Help You Thrive In Modern Times

I cycled to the Far East and back again to gather the finest mindfulness tools and meditation practices direct from te source.

Learning first hand the native wisdom and intuitive knowledge from ancient traditions.

I’ve delved deep into the eclectic wold of spiritual awakening to bring you the essential tools for living more mindfully.

My completely free mindfulness guide is an easy access, beginners guide to basic mindfulness practices that work.

It’s designed for folks that are short on time but big on results.

Implementing any of the 8 mindfulness tools will help the frazzled, unfrazzle.

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mindfulness guide for the frazzled

*you don’t have to be frazzled and it’s not the book by Ruby Wax