Many moons ago my then girlfriend had this idea to create a website to help folks enjoy London on the cheap. It was a great concept. Someone had already done it.

The thing with modern life is that there’s this enormous pressure to keep spending. The whole capitalist system depends upon relentless growth. Much of mainstream media is supported by advertising dollars that encourage you to buy stuff you don’t need.

With all this effort to make you feel shit if you don’t wear designer clothes or drive a new car, it’s hard to resist the bait. Choosing to live with less takes courage. What will people think if I only wear second hand clothes? Or drive a beat up old van?

Breaking out of this conditioning is one of the ways that you can liberate yourself from the drudgery of conformity. Remove this expectation from your budget and you’ll find your paycheck goes that bit further. Making strong choices with your wallet is the most effective political statement you can make.

Frugal is an attitude. It’s a counterculture movement that’s more impactful than climate campaigning. It’s a vote with your purse that can change the world – your world.