Help the aged

The UK government has made a pigs ear of handling the global pandemic. Action was not taken at the appropriate time. Slow to respond, clumsy in its execution and frankly, sinister in its reasons.

We are being asked to prioritise the health and well being of the elderly and otherwise unwell. It is a wonderful message to share of hope that we can come together to support our kin. Except, its a little late in the day.

Old folks have been sidelined in the West for years. The pursuit of wealth has been the ultimate priority for many. The re-election of a Tory government in the UK by landslide only confirms the money hungry attitude of the majority.

It is a convenient gambit of the ruling elite that now is the time to care for one another. They are afraid that the wheels could come off the ‘neoliberal’ bandwagon once and for all. The time to choose is coming – will we repeat the cycle of suffering and oppression under these power crazed psychopaths or find a new way of being that serves the many in a fair and equal society?