Hope for the future

Hope is an essential ingredient for a healthy psyche. We must believe that there is a better future ahead of us. Hope believes that the world’s problems can be solved.

Hope is built on the premise of ‘self’ control; autonomy to choose for ourselves, a belief in the value of something and a sense of community.

Lose but one of these three components and we humans tend to tailspin into oblivion.

Lockdown dismantled two of these three things. It removed our freedom of choice and crushed our communities. The ‘cure’ made things worse.

The lockdown diminished hope.

Without hope we become disillusioned, depressed and nihilistic. We become hopeless.

That is the hopelessness of lockdown.

To restore hope we must seek inclusive solutions that bring together community, create common values and shared vision for the future.

In cooperation there is hope for the future.