How I Train To Maintain A Strong Body And Balanced Mind

Breaking a sweat daily is as important as any meditation practice for overall well being

I love to train. Using the body for at least a couple hours of activity each day is an essential aspect of being human. Breaking a sweat each day is as natural as the sun in the sky and the leaves on the trees. It would be weird if they weren’t there. My own personal fix these days is calisthenics. I do a daily forty minute HIIT workout either in my home or at the gym with a few friends.

In the past I did a whole lot of cardio; I cycled to work daily with a mile count pushing north of 200 per week. I still swim two – three times per week but in the ocean rather than the pool. I did a bunch of yoga which I still use for stretching to warm up and cool down. I occasionally go to the gym to lift weights. The point is this – there is something for everyone.

Find your thing and do it daily.

A personal trainer or instructor is not essential but they will steer you in the right direction. I had three different yoga teachers at my old gym and the combination of styles worked well for me. I learned a large repertoire of postures and integrated the ones I liked best.

Calisthenics is simple body weight exercises. Press ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, etc these are the basic exercises for functional fitness. My own routine is based on 8 minutes of heaven, a circus training workout that my clown friend Pierrick swears by.

16 exercises for 30 seconds each. No breaks. Just breathe through the resistance.