How Perspective Can Influence Perception

Our perception of reality can change with a shift in perspective

Perspective. This is the single most useful tool that you can use in your daily life to alter the quality of your experience. Let’s imagine something isn’t quite working out as you would like; ask yourself, how does this look from a different place? What is the lesson in this moment? What is the message that I’m being sent?

In any given situation there are a seemingly unlimited number of ways to look at the thing. The ability to take a step back and to see the detail from a wider context, from a different set of eyes, from someone else shoes, is a life skill that helps us to transcend the bonds of ego.

Truth viewed in this sense makes it fluidly subjective rather than fixedly objective.

How perspective changes everything

We enter the realm of narrative. The stories we tell ourselves and others about who we are and what we do create our reality. Shifting our perspective allows us the chance to see ourselves as the actor from the seat of the director. How differently could we act if we took cues from a higher self that was running the show without ego?

Perspective helps us to level up our behaviours to break free of societal and social conditioning. Seeing ourselves from a higher plane, from fresh eyes, gives us the chance to make more conscious choices. To act in service of others rather than to the whims of a selfish ego.

Perspective is everything.