How Perspective Shapes Reality

Our perception of reality can change with a shift in perspective

Perspective shapes reality in so many ways and it’s an important mindful superpower to master.

Imagine a world where the way we see things and how we think about them work together like magic.

Let’s go on an exciting journey to understand how our way of looking at things and our thoughts can change how we understand the world around us.

peeling back the veil of perception

Seeing and Thinking

Think of your eyes like a camera and your thoughts like the filter you put on the camera.

When we see things, we are using our eyes to look at the world, and our thoughts help us understand what we see.

But here’s the cool part: the way we think about things can change how we understand them!

seeing and thinking and symbiotic

How Thoughts Shape What We See

Imagine you’re looking at a picture. The way you think about the picture can make you feel happy, sad, or excited.

This is similar to how our thoughts change what we see in the real world.

Our thoughts are like special glasses that can make things look different colours or make us feel different emotions.

perspective shapes reality for the better if you choose that

How Perception Influences Our Decision Making

Mindfulness is like having a superpower. It helps us watch our thoughts and feelings without making quick decisions.

Imagine you have a magic button that stops you from reacting right away.

Check out Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley. An original classic. 

Looking and Thinking Together

This magic button is mindfulness. It helps us see how our thoughts and feelings can change the way we see things.

These mindfulness activities offer practical advice on the art of living mindfully. 

upgrade your perspective to improve your reality

How Our Thoughts Affect How We Act and Make Friends

Just like our thoughts change what we see, they can also change how we act.

If we think something is really hard, we might not want to try it.

But if we think we can do it with some practice, we might give it a shot!

Our thoughts can also help us understand how other people feel.

When we try to understand how others feel, we can make better friends.

perspective shapes reality in many ways

Creating The World Around Us

Imagine that you’re a conductor leading a beautiful orchestra.

The music the orchestra plays is like our thoughts and how we understand the world.

With mindfulness, we can be better conductors and choose how we want the music to sound.

This helps us make our world more colourful, kind, and full of exciting adventures.

meditation improves our perception of reality

How Perception Influences Behaviour

Did you know that when we try to understand how others feel, it’s like wearing their shoes for a moment?

Empathy helps us become friends and learn about their world.

Just like a child sharing a toy, sharing thoughts and feelings can help us make friends and create a wonderful world together.

With careful intention, perspective shapes reality in a meaningful and positive way. 

auric fields are early radars of perception

Why Perspective Is Everything

Seeing and thinking are like two best friends who love to dance together.

Our skill in seeing other perspectives helps shape our reality for the better.

This dance makes our world interesting and full of surprises.

By learning to watch our thoughts and feelings with mindfulness, we can make our dance even better.

So, let’s remember to use our special powers to create a world where everyone can be happy, kind, and have lots of fun!

reality is subjective

How Perspective Shapes Reality 

Perspective. This is the single most useful tool that you can use in your daily life to alter the quality of your experience.

Let’s imagine something isn’t quite working out as you would like; ask yourself, how does this look from a different place?

What is the lesson in this moment? What is the message that I’m being sent?

In any given situation there are a seemingly unlimited number of ways to look at the thing.

This is the core teaching of Vipassana meditation

The ability to take a step back and to see the detail from a wider context, from a different set of eyes, from someone else shoes, is a life skill that helps us to transcend the bonds of ego.

Truth viewed in this sense makes it fluidly subjective rather than fixedly objective.

perspective changes everythingHow Perspective Changes Everything

We enter the realm of narrative. The stories we tell ourselves and others about who we are and what we do create our reality.

Shifting our perspective allows us the chance to see ourselves as the actor from the seat of the director.

How differently could we act if we took cues from a higher self that was running the show without ego?

Perspective helps us to level up our behaviours to break free of societal and social conditioning.

Seeing ourselves from a higher plane, from fresh eyes, gives us the chance to make more conscious choices.

To act in service of others rather than to the whims of a selfish ego.

Perspective is everything. Upgrade your perspective to include all the possibilities.