How to get the dream life you want in three easy steps

  • Choose a dream.
  • Figure out how to make it happen.
  • Work hard.

    Enjoy dream life!

That’s the back of a beermat boot-strappers guide.

The work that precedes that sequence of action is a little more detailed. In my case, I just spent ten years building a blogging business with my business partner, Tom; working to create efficient processes, hire reliable freelancers and develop relationships with local partners.

Now in place, that roadmap has created the circumstance for me to become location independent, free up time for personal projects and to travel.

To get to this point I had to figure out what I wanted from life. To know that I had to figure out what I didn’t want. To do that I had a crack at a career in sales, failed hard at running a small business and came up through my twenties like a cast member of Nathan Barley.

We’re all capable of living the life we want, but a) you have to figure out what that is, b) you have to do some things that suck, and c) you have to work hard.