“When we visualise breathing into body areas it is not just visualisation. We know now from neuroanatomy that when we focus our attention on a particular body part & breath into it, the metabolic rate of that body part goes up, there’s greater oxygenation, there’s greater exchange of nutrients & neurological functioning improves.


Bringing awareness into body areas enhances our interoception : our capacity to sense the Body from the inside & experiencing the internal nuances from gross to subtle, of the soma. With each practice we are increasing our neurological capacity for interoception. Our thinking mind and the vast field of awareness that is our body are not well consciously connected in most of us.


The mediating structures that bring information from the Body to the left brain ie.the corpus collosum & other structures are actually fairly fragile & they tend to atrophy when we don’t pay regular attention to our body. But when we start to do these practices we start creating a healthy creative interchange between body & the conscious mind.”

– Reginald Ray