Lovely jubbly

Charlie and I are in Jaipur for a month on business. Today, we’ve been out for a stroll after lunch and happened upon many of Rajasthan’s top Anglophiles.

Despite the city being in the grip of a corona mask wearing frenzy, locals were only too eager to capture our attention for a few minutes in the spirit of friendship and potential commerce.

Like Del Boy, Indians are resourceful in the extreme. We’ve been offered diamonds, cloth, guided tours and accommodation to name but a few of the suggestions. “Lovely Jubbly” is the ice breaker short hand for entrepreneurialism here in the Pink City.

Is there a more internationally known British phrase from pop culture? I can’t think of one. I’ve heard it from the Atlas mountains of Morocco to the bazaars of Central Asia.

The hustle on the street is relentless. After ten months on the beach in Goa, perhaps we’ve become soft. Three days in and I’m already missing my bike and the independence it affords.

Tuk-tuks bear more than a passing resemblance to the Reliant Robin;  three wheels, bright yellow, carrying hooky goods… I reckon Del and Rodders would love India.