Make money online

I’ve been a blogger for more than ten years now. Projects here and there, writing sporadically, bits and bobs, as they come in. I’ve had skin in the game for a long time.

The thing that I’ve noticed is that the most commercially successful bloggers move with the times.

Online courses

The hustle is relentless. But such is life. When I left my sales job five years ago I had a romantic notion that I was going to sit in my writers room dreaming up travel stories about my journeys and people would read them and tell all their friends and it would all just magically happen.

Turns out to make money online you gotta ship.

And that means putting in the hours, learning stuff you didn’t know was a thing and showing up consistently, day in, day out.

The internet is awash with get-rich-quick-schemes that promise to teach you to make money online. It’s a dream predicated on the notion that there is a simple formula with easy results. It just doesn’t hold true.



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