Making the choice

Our entire experience of realty is processed in this way:
Consciousness – everything we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.
Perception – how we interpret these external events.
Sensation – how these events feel in the body.
Reaction – how our mind and body responds to these stimulus and sensations; with craving or aversion.

Everyday we encounter many events. It can be overwhelming. Our adrenaline can be running high constantly.

Using a tool such as meditation allows us to create space between our consciousness of the event and how we respond to it. Changing the way we relate to things means we modify our perception. We can do this by bringing awareness to the sensations in the body. This gives us the choice to act in a balanced way rather than out of blind reaction.

As we move into a new decade make the choice to choose peace and harmony. Cultivating awareness and equanimity moment to moment helps us to live a happy life. That journey starts by looking within.