Minimalist mindfulness

Minimalist mindfulness is the intersection where living with intention meets conscious consumption meets awareness of attention. It’s the playing field of the modern mindfulness practice. Minimalist mindfulness is the attitudinal cornerstone of practical action and theoretical technique.

Liberation from attachment to possessions is a major turning point in a mindfulness practice. This shift in mindset is a master key to a life lived with equanimity. Living with less and the accompanying mindset harmonises our relationship with the world.

I get a regular email from a couple guys called ‘TheMinimalists’.  Today, I received an update from Joshua titled, ‘40 Life Lesson from 40 Years‘. It’s a riff on the distilled wisdom of a lifelong minimalist.

I totally jam with the minimalist philosophy. I’ve never been precious about possessions and I’ve always inately understood the value of attention. Energy flows where attention goes.

Of the forty lessons, I particularly resonated with 23, 39 and 40.

The Minimalists have a new book out. It’s a great place to start for those seeking truth and personal insight.