Myth and initiation

I shared in a post a few days back the details of a journey that transformed the way that I relate to the world. This meandering shamble half way around the planet on a push iron was an initiation. A self organised ritual of self imposed hardship, a test of physical endurance and stamina, a human powered rite of passage.

I couldn’t exactly say why I did this thing. All I did know was that I had to do it. Something about the way I was living wasn’t quite right.

Before I set off on this adventure, a friend asked why I was ‘running away’, the implied failure in the wording of the question hardly registered. It was the system I found failing, not me personally. ‘I want to be a better storyteller’, I said.

And here I am. Sharing ideas, musings and ephemera from the wide range of subject matter that I take an interest in. I’ve had a stint at storytelling of my Vietnam – UK bike ride; in schools, libraries and businesses; I’ve started to write the blog in to a book.

There is a calmness that comes to me now in this moment of global crisis. I feel a preparedness for the events we are witnessing. I’m ok with the feeling of not knowing what’s next.

Martin Shaw, master mythologist and storyteller, answers a few oft asked questions here. His words resonate with my view on the possibilities that befall us in this mystic moment.

Nudging at the seems of what I’ve been feeling for some time, more fully researched and playfully articulated, is this video with Charles Eisenstein and Russell Brand. It’s a great place to start for those that feel the intuitive call towards a new way of being. It helped me to understand several totems within the current global capitalist ideology, what they represent and how they could be maintained in the future in a set of modern myths.

We are faced with a golden opportunity for personal growth, systemic change and the realisation of a reimagined culture and improved society. Whether we pass through the challenges to cross the threshold is up to you. And me. And everyone.

The lessons of the initiation are there for those with courage enough to take them.