James Thomas

Bike travel, breathwork and meditation.

Hi! I’m James, an India based expat, originally from the
UK. I’m a free lance writer, bike traveler and breathworker. 

Since discovering Vipassana meditation five years ago I’ve cultivated the deep belief that the one sure way to solve the worlds challenges is through behavioural change. I’ve become a passionate advocate for bike based travel as a form of rewilding to reconnect with the natural world and a firm believer that meditation and breathwork can improve the quality of our experiences in life.

In a nut shell, I believe that a holistic approach to personal development can liberate us to become better human beings. 

My journey to date has taken me around the world on a bicycle, an adventure that essentially recalibrated the way that I understand the world. While in India I learned Vipassana meditation which shifted my whole perception on reality and led me to a daily practice that has supported my evolution into becoming a better human being. Finally, more recently, I’ve developed a passion for breathwork, a practical tool that has transformed my the quality of my daily life.

I invite you to join me as I delve deeper into the tools and techniques that will help us all to navigate a rapidly changing modern world.

Here’s a few examples of my work: travel content to inspire independent travel and self reliance – I like to call it rewilding by bike.

I write a daily mindfulness blog to share progress in my own practices, explain the tools and techniques that I’m using and also philosophical ideas for living a more mindful life.

Will you join me on this journey into consciousness?

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