The last but one. It’s a curious thing to be sat here pondering a final note to you, my loyal readers. I’ve just been a walk along the beach in the heat of the midday sun. You know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen.

I spent a good deal of the walk reflecting on this project, on the body of work as a whole and about how to continue.

Without actually reviewing the themes I’ve written about (I’m that much of a slacker) I know off the top of my head that the main ones are:

  1. My inconsistency as a writer; the failure to post daily has been perhaps a common thread I’ve riffed, I guess this taps into my Catholic guilt in some perverse way.
  2. The coronavirus narrative and my lack of trust in the government and the story.
  3. Discipline and creativity and my lack thereof.
  4. Breathwork – my new favourite practice
  5. Full moon and its curious effect on my creativity

Things I’ve blogged about way less than I expected:

  1. Mindfulness.  As the Mindful Blogger I figured I’d share deep and meaningful insights from my practice, and tools and tips on the various techniques. I’ve done this precious little.
  2. Meditation. I’ve written little about the technique save to say that it transformed my life and that I have sat way less this year than I was previously. Having a partner somehow dilutes my discipline. My attitude remains the same: if you’re going to meditate start with a course in Vipassana.
  3. My relationship. It’s been a massive year for relating and despite Charlie’s insistence and support I’ve had resistance to sharing our relationship in the public domain.

One more post to go. Here’s to completion.



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