Practices for sovereignty

I left the UK in 2015 on what would become a transformative journey. A coming of age quest to experience the world on my own terms. An opportunity to test myself in a wide spectrum of scenarios.

The outcome of this adventure was a renewed perspective on how to live. I gained an insight into what makes me tick, how the world is, and my place in it. I also reframed my personality through the process – I grew into myself and returned to a deeper truth within.

Upon returning home I began to establish a practice of sovereignty. I took the steps needed to create a reality that is built upon the values that are important to me. I, myself, prioritise personal freedom, in the totality of the expression – freedom to be exactly as I feel in the moment.

I became self employed to ensure financial freedom, I cultivated a meditation practice, I took an interest in philosophy, personal development and psychonautical experiments. These are the foundations of my new way of being. An experiment in the art of living.

As we enter into a radical shift in culture, ideology and lifestyle, I feel its been time well spent. The challenges that we face in the present moment require a level of self inquiry. Growth in any modality can be painful – no pain, no gain – as the saying goes.

It’s time to make strong choices towards the kind of world we want to live in.

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