Pragmatic philosophy

In Tibet the birth, life and death of the yak represent the cycle of existence pretty clearly.

Through the miracle of birth, many dairy products are made available by milking, sustaining human life and feeding the next generation of yak.

The life of the yak is revered and celebrated. Often the yak is seen as a family heirloom and is the source of much pride and status.

It is in death, however, that the yak truly excels. Upon passing the living yak gives way to a host of invaluable material objects that are key to survival in the high altitude climate of the plateau.

Meat provides essential sustenance for many hungry families. The skin is used in the construction of yurts. Fur is woven into clothes, rugs and soft furnishings. Even the skull is carved into a bowl.

Total acceptance of meaning, purpose and place in the order of existence. A pragmatic philosophy. A complete system.