Project plateau

I’m not really in the creative flow today. We’re moving house. It’s hot and humid. And I simply can not.

I reached a similar plateau in Vipassana way back. After 107 days of consecutive daily practice I missed two sittings which meant I missed out on the mystic 108.

In the case of the meditation I just laughed at the circumstance; I was traveling in Georgia – from Batumi to Tbilisi. It was one of the most stunning train journeys of my life. A day I will always remember.

Today, though, stewing in my own frustration on a sticky Indian April afternoon, I’ve found it hard to be philosophical. It’s taken all day to just rattle out this whinge. I’ve been an asshole most of the day. Charlie – I’m sorry!

Fuck it. Tomorrow is a new day. The day after, a new moon.

Start again.