Psychic liberation

Over the course of our lifetimes we accumulate a great deal of stuff. Things we don’t need. Stuff that ends up getting in our way.

It’s the same with conditioning. Our attitudes, beliefs and values tend to remain at a fixed point in time, like a ships anchor. These psychological landmarks can feel like safe harbours but eventually they can become a heavy burden.

Personal growth triggers the fear centre of our brain. The amygdala is a primitive piece of cognitive technology designed to help us stave off attack from perceived physical threats, like being chased by a lion.

We rarely find ourselves in life or death situations in our comfortable modern lives, though the fear response remains the same. Pushing our psyche in to new space can feel like an existential threat, driving us into fight, flight or freeze.

Letting go of these outdated mental roadmaps can liberate us to higher levels of awareness.

The once trusted routes of familiarity can be replaced with new paths into the wild. In the same way that we carry only what we truly need on a long adventure, the same is true of our thinking mind – you wouldn’t pack a bagful of heavy stones for a long hike in nature.

Shedding unhelpful thought patterns, desires and cravings carves out new space for a lighter way of being. Raising the anchor of our past let’s us move towards our higher purpose with ease and grace.

By learning to let go of past conditioning we can trust our best selves that the new frontiers ahead are there to be explored and enjoyed. Psychic liberation guides us to our true calling.