Relax. Everything is out of control

In times of uncertainty it’s easy to allow the feeling of anxiety to take hold. The great trick of our age has been to convince us that we are ‘safe’, that we have ‘security’. It’s a fallacy that needs must be curtailed.

There is no such thing as safety. Only chaos. The idea that because we understand something it is somehow predictable is about to be quashed. We are entering a new way of being.

As the intensity of that new age amplifies anxiety and nervousness will manifest. It’s a natural response to the unknown. But we’ve never known.

Culture has endeavoured to provide a gilded cage where we feel protected from life itself. Shop, you’ll feel better. Eat, you deserve it. Enjoy, you’ve earned it.

The comforts provided by the system are actually an entrapment. Mortgage debt, credit cards and pay-day loans are nothing more than modern day shackles. We’ve been sold a lie.

As the wheels begin to loosen on the current structure, folks everywhere are, understandably, worried. How will I pay the rent? What if I run out of toilet roll? The fear feels real.

And, that’s just it. Fear. False Evidence Appearing Real.

Relax. Everything is out of control. Same as it ever was.