Routine in a lockdown

Readers of this blog will know that I’m a fan of routine. It’s one of the ways I stay sane and make the most of each day. It’s more important than ever right now.

As we approach the fourth week of potentially months of lockdown, routine is the thing that will get us through. The mental health crisis that will surely follow this insane pandemic isolation story has yet to be mentioned in the mainstream media. For now the news is too busy pretending the government are doing a great job.

Make a plan for your day. Keep it flex but stick to it. It’ll help you in the long run. Staying home sucks, big time. But with a little structure and discipline we can come out of the other side happy, strong and healthy.

My day looks like this:

Wake up 6:30

Meditate 7-8

Write (work) 8-1

Lunch 1-2

Siesta 2-4

Train 4-5

Supper 5-6

Chill 6-10

Lights out 10:30

Call your friends and family. Be kind to yourself. Eat your greens.

All this too shall pass.