Sādhanā debt

In the yogic tradition sadana is “a means of accomplishing something” on the spiritual path. It’s a popular way to cultivate a practice towards the manifestation of ultimate expression of life in this reality.

I’m treating this daily blog as a form of sadana. It’s a personal writing practice that’s helping to shape and steer the work I enjoy doing. It’s stretching me into new ways of being and more efficient methods. It’s flushing out the ideas with traction.

It’s also exposing my inconsistencies, attention deficit and lack of commitment.

I didn’t post since Friday. I’m in debt to the sadana by three days. It’s not the first time I’ve broken the unbroken chain. I could post three pieces and back date them to fill the gaps but that would only mask the breach.

I’ve other writing commitments and a whole life that happens outside of this project. Theres bound to be discrepancies. I’m ok with that.

As I enter a new phase of creative endeavour I’m figuring out what matters. My sadana debt is a signpost for my attention to shift towards action, organisation and effectiveness. These are the things that deliver satisfaction.

The date gaps on the blog serve as a reminder that incremental effort creates a cumulative effect that’s hard to catch up on. A daily habit is hard to beat. Discipline is freedom.