Seeking clarity through chaos

There is a theory that says clarity can be found through chaos. The teaching goes that the confusion that comes in the chaotic phase must be dispelled and through that process we reach a new clarity.

It’s an idea that can apply to creativity and entrepreneurialism as much as to relationships.

I’ve had an interesting week as far as relating goes. Over the course of the week, Charlie and I have been unpacking some of our stuff. It’s been heavy lifting in parts, beautiful and revealing in some ways and refreshing and liberating too.

How we relate determines the depth of our connection. In turn it is the feeling of connection that helps us to thrive. When the we stop relating, connection wanes and either one or both of use feel lost to the other.

It’s a delicate balance, a work in progress that requires courage, awareness and trust.

As we come out of the chaos and the confusion falls away, we are more clear about where we are at, how we steer the ship and what we need to work on.

Embrace the chaos. Confusion leads to clarity.