Seven Writers That Inspire My Work

These seven writers cut the veil to reveal a deeper truth

Seven highlights from a my first five years of transformative research and further reading. I’ve referenced some of these blogs before but I wanted to remember for myself the inspirational writers that help me to make sense of the world.

Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin has been banging the drum for a global revolution through personal insight and meditation for some years now. Her work focuses on the ‘end of illusions’ and packs a hefty punch where seeing the true picture of American imperialism is concerned.

Take today’s article about Afghanistan for example

Charles Eisenstein

Eisenstein first came to my attention at the beginning of the pandemic with his article, The Coronation, being widely shared among friends.

His most recent piece, How It Is Going To Be, is a call for greater courage among the visionaries to follow the path of creation. Prophetic speech has the potential to create our reality. The future is in our words.

Russell Brand

Russell is well known for his recovery and subsequent transformation. It’s a journey that mirrors my own trajectory and one which I deeply admire. His work recent raises the important questions of our time and brings the urgency of the situation to a mainstream audience.

Any of his videos are a great place to start. Specifically, this one about mainstream media, the military industrial complex and forever wars.

Julian Sayarer

I first discovered Julian’s work through my love of cycling. His world record-breaking circumnavigation of the globe caught my attention and I’ve been hooked ever since. He tells stories about people and places through the lens of travel.

His byline is politics at roadsides. I share his affinity for strong coffee and human stories. His journal documents the most recent writings from far and wide.

The Minimalists

I don’t remember how I came to find The Minimalists. All I know is that once they were in my orbit, I found their content and delivery refreshingly stylish. I’ve recommended articles and podcasts to numerous friends over the years.

Joshua and Ryan are making kick-ass content that helps folks improve their lives with simple meaningful change. Which is exactly how I’d like to serve the Mindful Blogger community.

Check out my favourite riff on success.

Mark Manson

I’ve been reading Mark Manson for many years. I gave a copy of A Subtle Art To Not Giving A F*ck to my sister as a gift when it came out. It’s a book that helped inform many useful paradigm shifts in my life and our relationship.

His blog is prolific and widely celebrated for ‘life advice that doesn’t suck’. I find the writing on point and the ideas are synthesised with clarity and wit.

This article gives zero fucks and was the genesis for his first book.

Seth Godin

I read Seth’s blog every day. I get the daily email. It’s typically a short, inspirational missive that challenges my thinking and asks me to do better work professionally and at home. I love the way that Seth shares ideas with generosity and clarity.

Here’s a popular riff about writing a book, which has personal significance.