Songs for a lockdown

One of the great joys of this long weekend of a lockdown is the opportunity to listen to music. To dig a bit deeper into an artists back catalogue and really go in. I seriously love this aspect of self isolation.

The artist I’d like to share is Father John Misty.

I’ve favourites on each album:
Fear Fun; Nancy form Now On, Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings, I’m Writing a Novel & Every Man Needs a Companion.

I Love You, Honeybear; Chateau Lobby #4 (In C for Two Virgins), The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment.

Pure Comedy; Pure Comedy, Things It Would Be Helpful to Know Before The Revolution, Ballad of a Dying Man, Two Wildly Different Perspectives.

God’s Favourite Customer; Hangout at the Gallows, Mr Tillman, Date Night.

For me these records are the perfect soundtrack to the pandemic. Put the kettle on, kick back with a brew and descend into the chaos. It’s music to make you feel alive.