Sovereignty is our birthright

This covid story is still hijacking common sense and duping seemingly intelligent people. What happened to good old fashioned critical thinking and independent analysis? Why does the narrative confound peoples’ ability to think and act rationally at this time?

One argument is that you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. It’s an odd expression to use in this context but here’s what I mean: people that have invested in the system are energetically connected to that same system, so any critique of that way of being is derided and shut down since it threatens the fabric of that existence.

The possibility that the government are manipulating the population through the mass media is simply too much for some folks.

Never in history has so much attention been focused on public health. The very notion that our perception of reality has been manipulated deliberately is a challenge for many. But, that’s what’s happened – we’ve collectively agreed to distort our perception of what is ‘safe’, ‘reasonable’ or ‘responsible’ in response to media noise intensity.

There are, have been and will be millions of viruses that we must learn to live with. Good, bad and ugly.

I’m not disputing that covid is dangerous to a minority of society, but is is totally harmless to the vast majority. I agree that there are risks. I understand that people are afraid – particularly parents with young children. There’s a lot we don’t know. I’m happy to accept those risks while trusting my own judgement in a socially responsible way.

What I’m pointing towards is that life is inherently a risky endeavour. We all have a duty to act in a way that protects society at large and the most vulnerable. I’m wearing a mask and washing my hands, I’ve followed the guidance here in India. But what I find challenging is that the guidelines in the UK are so flimsy and contradictory that it’s preventing people from living a happy, healthy life.

I’ve been called out for daring to challenge the official narrative of fear.

For me, something just isn’t right. The story doesn’t stack up. The guidelines are divisive and dangerous.

My mum works in health care. My nana is in a care home. I’m not being flippant about the risks. Protect the at risk, make your own choice to stay home or not.

Running the whole country to a fever pitch of fear, doesn’t in my opinion make great sense. It depletes energy, depresses immune systems and reduces our ability to integrate new viruses into a healthy existence.

Our immunity comes from interaction with the world; good germs, bad germs, the whole thing. Again, it’s a personal choice but getting outside to spend time in nature is part of the healthy lifestyle I choose. I’m ok with that level of risk.

I value my right to personal freedom and civil liberties. I don’t accept that the current infringements enforced by lockdown restrictions, they’re not justified. I don’t accept a mandatory vaccine. I don’t believe everything I read in the media. I don’t trust that the government is acting in my, or societies, best interest.

It’s time to speak up for our personal freedoms and civil liberties. Sovereignty is our birthright. We live, we die. It’s what we do in between that counts.

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