Staying up late on a Saturday night

Saturday night is quiz night. Since lockdown began a group of friends in the UK have organised a bi-weekly Zoom quiz. It’s a chance to connect in these strange physically distanced times.

For me here in India it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch and to hear about how the guys are doing, what’s new and have a laugh. I feel blessed. It’s wonderful to see my closest friends all together for a couple of hours.

The time difference means that the quiz starts at 01:14 IST and runs into the wee small hours. It’s a long haul but totally worth it. In the early hours this morning after the session I went outside to see the stars and to catch a breath of fresh air. The night was cool, the humidity dissipated and the scent of the newly planted permaculture garden rose up gently in the dawn.

A feast of gifts for staying up late on a Saturday night. Love to the crew – beautiful to see you all xx