Tend your own garden

India is built on self sufficiency. Gandhi fought for independence under the banner of grow your own. Rural India is awash with smallholdings and market gardens.

There’s a freedom that comes with food security. Knowing that there’s crops growing all year round means each family can eat. Our landlord has an impressive market garden.

Just now there are sweet potatoes shooting up as the roots gulp down the heavy rains. The patch of garden outside our backyard will yield about $400 worth of tubers. The initial effort to prepare and water the plants paying dividends as the rains take care of business.

In gardening, as with mindfulness, the effort to tend our own garden pays handsomely. Once we take time to prepare the ground and plant the seed, nature takes care of the rest. All we have to do is watch, wait and be content to sit still and do nothing until it’s time to harvest.