The death taboo

The great lesson of the pandemic is about our relationship with death. The loss of a loved one, the accompanying grief and fear of our own death are highly emotive states. The inevitability of death means that we must at some point reconcile our relationship with mortality. How do we face death?

Death has been a taboo in contemporary Western culture for some time. We are put at increasing distance from the natural process by modern medicine. In seeking longevity we’ve become disconnected from life itself.

To live is to die.

As the pandemic rumbles on, those most triggered by the prospect of death, loss or grief are those most in fear of this taboo. If we can accept our own mortality we regain our responsibility for our lives. Surrender to science or a ‘benign’ third party is no longer an option.

To step out of fear is to step into life.

We sovereign human beings thrive when acting with self responsibility. Trust in our ability as an individual and as a species through the collective is the one sure way through these uncertain times. Renegotiating our perspective of death is a good place to start.